Brodie Mcallister

Brodie is an Australian Trombonist, Composer and Educator whose musical practice is concerned with blurring the lines between notated and improvised music.

Currently holding a Bachelor of Music at Griffith Conservatorium Majoring in Jazz Trombone but studying classical technique under Ben Marks, Erik Griswold (Composition) and Steve Newcomb (composition).

He is fluent in all styles of performance but focuses a great deal on improvisational music (jazz, traditional, experimental) and contemporary performance. Lessons are open to students at any level that is enthusiastic about making music!

Lessons are uniquely tailored to suit the age, interests and experience of the student.

Career Highlights include compositional premieres from Kupka’s Piano, WAYJO and The Enthusiastic Musicians Orchestra. Performance experience ranges from alongside ELISION Ensemble, John Hoffman/Steve Newcomb’s The Con Artists and BULLHORN (check out BULLHORN, they’re the best!)

Throughout 2015/2016 Brodie took part in some projects that were personal milestones.

These Projects include: The Release of Jazzkill Bandits debut record, performing the world premiere of Ben Mark’s Passage 2 from Circular ruins 2, Performing alongside Clocked out for their 15th year anniversary concert and performing on Andrew Garton’s Abbreviation Orchestra’s Album Golden Sands.